RockStart apps close tomorrow

RockStart apps close tomorrow
30 July 2019 Blog

We’re very excited to submit our application to the Netherlands based health tech accelerator – Rockstart.  The program will award 10 lucky MedTech startups, access to the healthcare ecosystem, capital, coaching and investors for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the way things are done in healthcare. As a result, we have started learning some Dutch just in case, for example, Hallo is Hello.


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Data is central to everything we do today. We believe that by harnessing the true potential of our health data we can improve the health of all. At the same time, we also believe that even one single data breach is too many and that it is a fundamental human right to expect complete security of our health information. After all, it is our most precious asset.

Secure Health Chain’s goal is to create a high tech and user-friendly electronic ‘health passport’ that you can access on your smartphone, all secured by blockchain technology (much like a digital fingerprint).