The digital health calendar for 2019

The digital health calendar for 2019
20 August 2019 Blog

Staring down the barrel of the final third of the year, many of the best digital health events will be on around the world.  Perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders and budding startups.  Here’s a list of our top picks for the remainder of 2019.

October 15th, Boston US

1. ConVerge2Xcelerate, October 15th, Boston, US.

This meeting brings together the two separate areas of telemedicine and blockchain in healthcare. I think that the name of the meetings is it all, as a community of digital health professionals we are seeing both increase in the pace + of innovation and the coming together of traditionally separate areas of digital health.

2. CEBIT, 29th – 31st October, Sydney, Australia

This large 3-day technology fair run by Hannover fairs from Germany traditionally has been aimed more at tech developers. The digital health community should take this as a badge of honour, as this year, the fair is featuring many new to digital health solutions. To top it off, it’s all being run in the picturesque harbourside location of Darling Harbour. This event promises to be one not to miss.


3.  Healthcare unblocked, London, 8th November 2019

Healthcare: Unblocked has been one standout European blockchain healthcare for several years now. Set in London, UK, they aim to assemble the who’s who of the blockchain Pioneers in healthcare including speakers from Foundation & IOTA foundation.






Data is central to everything we do today. We believe that by harnessing the true potential of our health data we can improve the health of all. At the same time, we also believe that even one single data breach is too many and that it is a fundamental human right to expect complete security of our health information. After all, it is our most precious asset.

Secure Health Chain’s goal is to create a high tech and user-friendly electronic ‘health passport’ that you can access on your smartphone, all secured by blockchain technology (much like a digital fingerprint).