Australia’s digital hustle.

Australia’s digital hustle.
13 September 2019 Blog News

It won’t come as a great surprise to anyone inside our industry but for others, AlphaBeta has published a report that once again highlights the huge opportunity in Australia for  and does a great job in exploring the myriad of benefits to our economy, our growth & our development.

So why in the bloody hell are we still having this conversation?

We have this incredible chance to be world leaders in exponential technology, I again plead to the Australian Government to be brave, to lead and to grab this fading opportunity before China, India or the US consumes it all. We have great talent and great minds here in Australia and it breaks my heart to see the lack of real genuine support for tech startups. Please, let’s work together to support our nation of great tech startups to flourish.


The report is available here,



Data is central to everything we do today. We believe that by harnessing the true potential of our health data we can improve the health of all. At the same time, we also believe that even one single data breach is too many and that it is a fundamental human right to expect complete security of our health information. After all, it is our most precious asset.

Secure Health Chain’s goal is to create a high tech and user-friendly electronic ‘health passport’ that you can access on your smartphone, all secured by blockchain technology (much like a digital fingerprint).