Blockchain Medical Records to Save Thousand Lives from Medical Errors

Friday, 15 February 2019

Our present lifestyle is greatly dependent on data and electronic record systems and with passing time, new technologies and software keep coming up to make things more streamlined and easy. However, no system is completely error-free and when it comes to storing and maintaining data, you cannot expect your cloud system or data storage system to keep things accurately in one place. Times have changed now and blockchain technology is the new face of data storage and maintenance in current IT dimension. This new system of digital medical records not just establishes a safer network but also promotes immutable and transparent functionality of the system.
This is, in fact, much better than the regular Electronic Health Record System. And, all this has made blockchain technology a revolutionary element in the medical field. More like a bridge between the medical healthcare providers and the electronic health record technology, it empowers each patient with rights to control their medical records from their smart devices, thus, improving the compliance between the care team and a patient, lowering expenses, preventing data breaches and errors, and saving time.

How is Blockchain and Healthcare system different?
Well, the inclusion of blockchain technology into the health industry has resulted in a:

  • A more decentralized and transparent system
  • Has authenticated platform applying the consensus-driven approach
  • Facilitates interaction of countless entities through a shared system
  • This is simple to apply in the healthcare industry
  • Facilitates easy information sharing irrespective of any EHR systems
  • This technology is also easy to incorporate with existing EHR systems

Advantages of blockchain technology in maintaining digital medical records

  • Supports use of single, longitudinal medical records
  • The information includes progress reports, treatments, lab results etc
  • Used for master patient index
  • Helpful for medical practitioners while searching for different patient’s records
  • This reduces duplication of medical reports
  • Far better than electronic health records management and is easily compatible with existing EHR records
  • Assist health care organizations in the monitoring of supply-demand chain
  • Beneficial for electronic medical records companies in maintaining patient records and also promotes easy interoperability
  • This has made data storage and maintenance a highly reliable process
  • This technology offers standardized reconciliation of data

Without a doubt, utilizing the blockchain healthcare system offers better data storage facilities and privacy. The boom in this technology has given rise to many blockchain healthcare startups today who strongly believe that appropriate maintenance of data helps to maintain people’s health at the same time and prevents the occurrence of errors which can eventually lead to mistakes in treatments and medicines.

The present day EMR solutions attempt to utilize the blockchain system to speed up the entire healthcare system that helps physicians greatly to offer the best solutions to their patients without wasting much time. Healthcare industry has always suffered due to the issues related to privacy, anonymity, and personal-data safety. All because of the continuous usage of age-old rigid systems. But, the introduction of Blockchain healthcare completely revolutionized this scenario, making this sector much more advanced, organized, and secured and hence created a brand new digital health industry.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, today’s comprehensive electronic health records now make it easier for the practitioners to work faster and provide faster medical assistance to the patients in the time of need. These documents are easily accessible from anywhere and through any platform be it a smartphone or tablet. All in all, this technology has allowed everyone to take control of their health, learn to analyze their medical results, laboratory findings, and choosing the most effective drugs. It has contributed in making the healthcare industry more flexible.

How blockchain technology has made things easier in the health arena?

  • Reduced errors
  • Highly secured
  • Well-managed medical records
  • Saves time
  • Speeds up work
  • Better clinical results
  • Better experience during the billing
  • Streamlining the treatment processes

Things with blockchain technology are not just streamlined but are also easily accessible to everyone through a common platform or cloud platform. The medical field has definitely taken a new shape with its arrival. This makes working easy for medical practitioners and helps patients get instant relief, especially if they are in an emergency situation. Error-free medical reports and quality outcomes is the need of the hour while maintaining complete privacy and security of the details, and only a blockchain technology can facilitate these requirements today.

The healthcare industry is definitely evolving. However, the true potential of blockchain technology in this industry is still being realized. Research is going on, hoping to change the world in process. In the world full of data, it is our health statistics that often get overlooked and technologies like these are sure to change the lives of millions worldwide, marking the beginning of a new revolution in medicine.


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