Secure Health Chain Marketplace

The Secure Health Chain Marketplace, (formerly known as ImageChain) solves today’s problem of patient consent for sharing health data.

Using blockchain technology to provide security and privacy control, patients can now be in control of who can access their health data and on what terms.

Previously, a patient’s data can be sold to third parties – often without the patient being aware of this.  Worse still, the patient would not share in the value generated from this data.

Our platform empowers patients by giving them full control of their imaging data in one central place. Patients can then grant permission for a set period of time to healthcare agents like clinicians and hospitals to view their imaging when required. By utilizing Blockchain, patients will be able to see who has accessed their data in a completely transparent manner on an immutable record.

For the first time ever, patients using our platform will be able to opt into selling their imaging data anonymously to interested parties like research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. With our underlying Blockchain technology patients can be completely confident that only the organisations they have granted permission to can access their data and no erroneous use has occurred.

Blockchain & Big Data, a match made in heaven

Checkout the article published by BurstIQ CEO Mr Frank Ricotta and one of our Co-Founders, Dr Robert Laidlaw

Hey Doc, have you heard of Image Chain?

Check out youtube series of blockchain explainer animations

Our Technology Gives Advantage to You

We believe all patients should share in the value of their most precious asset – health data.

Data Security

Our platform uses military grade encryption to keep your information safe

Monetization Of Data

It’s your data so you should get paid!

Patient Consent

We will ask for your permission before sharing

Immutable Record

Important documents like your consent and agreed % are locked into the blockchain so you can be assured that it hasn’t been tampered with

Doctor Incentives

Including the Doctor’s in this process will deliver better clinical data

Patient Control Over Data

Consent can be revoked at anytime - it’s your data and your decision.