For researchers

Secure Health Marketplace

Imagine a world where everyone shares data for medical research and is given the reward of this data sharing

Each key player in the health system will be able to take part, on their own terms

The Secure Health Marketplace is where patients have an option to share anonymised data from their Health Passport. Moving away from a disseminated, unavailable health record. Patients provide permissions via our dedicated patient consent engine.

Whilst keeping your precious health data safe is our top priority, ironically, it is the act of sharing data that actually excites us most. Imagine if you could anonymise a recent X-ray or blood test and that went on to find a cure for a rare disease. Having the ability to safely and securely share your anonymised data for research, is important to us all living longer and healthier lives. We believe we have struck the right balance between privacy and security, and optional sharing of anonymised data sets.

Granting power to share data, enables patients to demand the kind of care and respect that is deserved by all. It also gives insight about our health that was previously unavailable.

The Secure Health Marketplace will be an empowering and privileged place. Each key player in the health system will be able to take part. On their own terms.




Blockchain technology

Using blockchain technology to provide security and privacy control, patients can now be in control of who can access their health data and on what terms.

Previously, a patient’s data can be sold to third parties – often without the patient being aware of this. Worse still, the patient would not share in the value generated from this data.

Our platform empowers patients by giving them full control of their imaging data in one central place. Patients can then grant permission for a set period of time to healthcare agents like clinicians and hospitals to view their imaging when required. By utilizing Blockchain, patients will be able to see who has accessed their data in a completely transparent manner on an immutable record.

For the first time ever, patients using our platform will be able to opt into selling their imaging data anonymously to interested parties like research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. With our underlying Blockchain technology patients can be completely confident that only the organisations they have granted permission to can access their data and no erroneous use has occurred.